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Ale Zamavi is a Mexican born visual artist whose photographic, video and photomanipulation work materializes a fascinating spiritual world. His work revolves around a trascendation of the human soul and spirit to an astral and energetic plane, a desire to merge and be part of something beyond this physical and material world.

Zamavi began his Photography studies at St. Lawrence College of Applied Arts and Technology in Ontario Canada. He subsequently studied Filmmaking at the Russian Institute of Film and Performing Arts where he was co-founder of the Mal’ak Productions film project that generates audiovisual material of awareness about nature and its relationship with humans. At the same time, he began to experiment with digital photography and photomanipulation, where he found the freedom to materialize his most complex ideas from his imagination.

His work has been exhibited in places such as the Mexican Stock Exchange Museum, among others nationally.


  • Nartwork Gallery "Limitless" Collective Exhibition, Naples Italy. 

          JUNE 8 - JULY 8 - 2020

  • MUPA, Open Door Museum “Art from the Inside” Collective Exhibition, Mexico City, México.

          MAY  5 - JUNE  5 - 2020

  • Libertad Gallery "Inimate Spaceses" Collective Exhibition, Queretaro, Mexico. 

          MAYO 5 - JUNE 5 - 2020

  • BADA MX Art Fair, Mexico City, Mexico.

          FEBRUARY 6-9 - 2020

  • NEUG “Resiliencia” CollectIve Exhibition, Troquel, Mexico City, Mexico.

         OCTOBER 19 - NOVEMBER 18 - 2019

  • MUBO,  Mexican Stock Exchange Museum “Soul & Body a Microcosms” Solo Show, Mexico City, Mexico.

          SEPTEMBER 5 - OCTOBER 5 - 2019

  • Gallery 14 “Nunca fuimos nadie” Biennial of art, Mexico City, Mexico.

         MAY 28 - JULY 26 - 2019

  • Official Selection International Film Festival Ritovatto de Bolonia, Experimental Short Film “Asvathá”. Bologna, Italy

         FEBUARY 12 - FEBUARY 20- 2018

  • Agua Fuerte Gallery “Terminal 19. 12” Collective Exhibition, Val Quirico, Tlaxcala, Mexico.

          NOVEMBER 19 - DECEMBER 18 - 2019

  • Official Selection Midnight Madness, Guanajuato Internacional Film Festival , Short Film “Nocturno de los Ángeles”. Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico.

         JULY 9 - AUGUST 19 - 2017

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